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Brunch Bazar at the Comptoir Général

I just got back from Brunch Bazar, the new monthly happening at the Comptoir Général in the 10th.  It was quite the bobo* scene and packed with very cool looking Parisians and their kids.

A DJ was spinning the Godfather of Soul as Cococook, based in the Marais, served take-away style organic salads, sandwiches, muffins, smoothies, freshly squeezed juices, coffee and the like, including a pretty kick-ass carrot cake.   Large round communal tables added to the convivial atmosphere.

There was something for everyone.  Knitting circles thanks to Wool and the Gang, the Paris based company offering ready-made knitting kits with everything needed to craft your very own scarves, hats and sweaters.

The fashionistas from Bon Debarrass (Good Ridance in English) brought together several stands of vintage and used goods, from funky American t-shirts (by LA-based The Cobra Snake) and converse sneakers (or baskets as they say in French) to second-hand Cholé bags and Prada shoes.

PetitHOOD, took care of the little ones with Playdough and craft ateliers while I Could Never Be a Dancer gave free country danse lessons.

The fun continues the first day of each month at Le Comptoir Géneral.

Brunch Bazar
80, quai de Jemmapes
Paris, 10th
Métro : République

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*bobo:  short for bourgeois-bohème or bourgeois bohemians, a term very much heard in Paris, first coined by David Brooks to describe the new affluent urban class.


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  1. Astrid said,

    Sorry to say that in spite of the “bobo” atmosphere and maybe the nice meals (there are still some people who don’t come to eat fortunately !), I was very disappointed today.

    Some medieval musicians and singers with a backpipe were not allowed to perform because they had not booked on internet !!!! It’s something absolutely incredible in such countries like Australia, USA even London !!!

    Finally, they sung but after 15minutes the organizer came to stop them.

    This behaviour is typically french ! And I won’t be back to the Comptoir General.


    • Phyllis Flick said,

      I’m sorry you didn’t have a great experience Astrid. I don’t think it was the “brunch bazar” however, because according to their Facebook page they were supposed to start holding their events elsewhere. I had heard that the Comptoir General has brunch so this must have been it.

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