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Kitchen Studio

Posted in Cooking Classes by Phyllis Flick on April 9, 2010
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Kitchen Studio, a self-proclaimed “innovative, high-tech culinary club” opens this weekend in a 250m² loft in Boulogne, one of Paris’s twenty-something arrondissements. The inaugural weekend hints of several surprises with a series of cooking classes, demonstrations and workshops—all free—starting Saturday at 11am and running through out the day, culminating at 19h00 with a culinary spectacle by “Les Coqs en Pâte“.  Sunday morning gets started with a brunch workshop entitled “So British” and ends with a giant goûter (snack) at 16h00 with the authors of La Cuisine des Papas.

The Studio will then offer daily demonstrations, classes, tastings and other culinary activities in a state of the art workspace which includes a boutique with cookbooks, utensils, seasonal products, spices and the like.

Sounds like a very promising new place for food lovers in Paris.

For more information see their website or Facebook page

Inaugural weekend: 10-11 April 2010, 11am-19h00

Kitchen Studio

151 rue de Billancourt
Metro: Billancourt (line 9)
Telephone 01 70 74 41 10

Open: Weekdays 8h30 to 21h00, weekends starting in May 2010

Map it


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  1. Kirsten Foster said,

    Boulogne-Billancourt isn’t one of Paris’ twenty-something arrondissements. Paris has 20 arrondissements, numbered 1-20 (1eme, 2eme…20eme) (postcodes 75001, 75002, 75003….75018, 75019, 75020). If you want to be really precise, Boulogne-Billancourt is an arrondissement of the Hauts-de-Seine département, but easier to call it a suburb or banlieue of Paris. Don’t mean to be picky, but people might be confused by this.

    • Phyllis Flick said,

      You are absolutely right Kirsten. I was actually trying to be cute saying it was the 21st arrondissement because it is so close to Paris but you are right, it is probably just confusing, especially if someone doesn’t know Paris. I will either change it or make a footnote to your comment. Merci for your comments!

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