Paris Notebook

Happy Birthday Fooding!

Drawing by Asako Masunouchi

It’s been nearly ten years since Alexandre Cammas, then writing for Libération and Nova, coined the term Fooding–a mix between food and feeling–and launched the first “Semaine de Fooding” in December of 2000.  Since then Le Fooding has been holding some of the best culinary events in France with their “Semaine de Fooding” and “Grand Fooding d’Eté, both of which invite some very big name French chefs to serve playful dishes in unusual atmospheres at very democratic prices.

I’ve been to winter carnivals where Yannick Alleno and Yves Camdeborde served up street food in the village Saint Paul, summer BBQs with Inaki Aizpitarte, Pierre Gagnaire, and Alain Passard and this year’s aptly named “Les Incorrects“, which served up some pretty politically incorrect dishes, like bunny and horsemeat, in the spectacular Piscine Molitor.  This year the Fooding gang even took on the Big Apple with Le Fooding d’Amour, which brought together some of France’s and New York’s best chefs, American and French alike.

For its 10th birthday, Le Fooding has planned ten incredible events to celebrate. As always, proceeds go to Action Contre la Faim

Val d’Isère: 25 April

Fooding à la Neige (aka Fooding in the Snow): Taste the cuisine of Christophe Aribert (Les Terrasses D’Uriage), Emmanuel Renaut (Flocons de Sel), Alain Perillat (Atmosphères) and Patrick Walker (La Fruitière) from the terrace of the Folie Douce on the summit of Val d’Isere.  Entrance 25 €

Paris: 2, 9, 16 May

Fooding à la Ville (aka Fooding in the City):

2 May: Eric Fréchon (Bristol) and Federica and Fabrizio Mancioppi (Caffé dei Cioppi)

 9 May: Giovanni Passerini (Rino) and Grégory Marchand (Frenchie)

16 May: Alberto Herraiz (Fogon) and Cédric Casanova (La tête dans les olives)

For an invitation visit their site at 10am on 29 April

Nice: 5  June

Fooding à la Mer (aka Fooding by the Sea)

 Mauro Colagreco (Le Mirazur), Mickaël and Gaël Tourteaux (Flaveur), Armand Arnal (La Chassagnette) and Mickael Gracieux (L’Aromate) will be on hand for a BBQ at Hi Beach in Nice.

For an invite, visit Le Fooding on 3 June at 10am.

More events are planned throughout the year, with events in Paris, Biarritz, Milan and NYC again.  I will be posting more information as it becomes available.

More about Le Fooding

Adam Gopnik, The New Yorker, April 5 2010: No Rules! Is Le Fooding, the French culinary movement, more than a feeling

Amazing videos and interviews of the Fooding d’Amour in New York

Some photos of Fooding events


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