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Don’t Miss Terroirs D’Avenir at Spring Boutique, Saturday 24 April

Photo Credit: Esteban Cavrico

Exceptional cooking requires outstanding products and even in a city like Paris where markets abound, they are not always easy to find. Even worse, the products often used in three-star kitchens like Le Meurice and Astrance are just not available to the public.

Luckily this weekend, you have the chance to buy some of the best products available in Paris at Spring Boutique, thanks to Alexandre Drouard and Samuel Nahon of Terroirs d’Avenir, a Parisian based company which sources the best artisanal products in France–often local and hard to find.

If you are lucky enough to be alerted to one of their “marchés éphemères (pop-up markets), you might find “Jacky Mercier’s beautiful heirloom tomatoes, Laurent Berrurier’s incredible choux de Pontoise (cabbage) or, real champignons de Paris, which have been cultivated by the Spinelli family for over 3 generations and taste nothing like ordinary white button mushrooms.

This weekend at Spring Boutique, Alexandre and Samuel  will be selling  Berrurier’s wonderful small production Argenteuil asparagus,  for 14 € a kilo.

In addition, Spring Boutique always carries many of their products including their intense dried peppermint from the Milly forest which makes an incredible tisane, Brigitte Verdaguer Rancio white wine vinegar which will transform your salad dressings, or the only real jambon de Paris, made in the 11th arrondissement. I have tried most of their products and they are truly outstanding.

So, if you want to buy some excellent asparagus, don’t miss this marché éphemère on Saturday.

Spring Boutique
52 rue de l’Arbre Sec,
Paris 1st

More about Spring Boutique can be found here

See the Map Here


6 Responses to 'Don’t Miss Terroirs D’Avenir at Spring Boutique, Saturday 24 April'

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  1. John Talbott said,

    Wonderful pix, gotta get some.

  2. phyllisflick said,

    Yes, go their stuff is great. I am definitely going and will hopefully be there pretty early.

  3. Laidback said,

    Thanks for publicising this. We went yesterday with the AinP’s, bought a kilo of the argenteuil white asparagus which we enjoyed last night with some onglet de veau which he had picked up from his butcher. There was no one there early so Daniel showed us his new site. Hard to believe he will be open in about a month. We also bought some of his Jambon de Paris from the same purveyor and plan to use that for sandwiches today.

    • Phyllis Flick said,

      I am so glad you went! I have a kilo of Asparagus as well that I am about to cook for lunch plus a bag of their mushrooms, which are great too. They supply many of the best restaurants and only have these markets every once in a while, so I always try to go.

  4. […] and champignon de Paris (I wouldn’t be surprised to learn they get their vegetables from Terroir d’Avenir who sources the last of the authentic champignons de Paris). I choose the sweetbreads as its not […]

  5. […] vegetables, paris, Samuel Nahon, Terroirs D’Avenir Alexandre Drouard and Samuel Nahon of Terroirs d’Avenir, are back selling their beautiful local vegetables, this time in front of my favorite neighborhood […]

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