Paris Notebook

La Fête du Pain

This week marks the 15th Fête du Pain in France with events being held throughout the country.  One of the highlights will take place Saturday, May 15th when the city of Paris hosts the 7th “Master de la baguette de tradition française”, a competition which pits teams of master bakers from Ile de France against each other to determine which department makes the best baguette.

The baking teams will bake 40 baguettes each and will be judged by a professional jury with the winner being announced at Notre Dame de Paris at 16h45 on Saturday.  Djibril Bodian (this year’s winner of La Grand Prix de La Baguette) and Daniel Pouphary (the runner up) will represent Paris; Cédric Niel and Dominique Guignier will represent les Hauts-de-Seine; Jérôme Duchamp and Anis Bouabsa will bake for Seine-Saint-Denis; and Éric Sanna and Cyril Polledri will represent Val de Marne.   Check back here on Saturday to see who won!

La Fête du Pain:
10-17 May


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