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Rendez Vous Gourmands, 27-30 May 2010

Posted in Events by Phyllis Flick on May 28, 2010
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Last year, just before Christmas, a colleague asked me to join her at a tasting at the nearby Byzance,  the Boulogne Bilancourt  branch of the company that also brings us Bellota Bellota in the 7th and Jaburgo  Iberico  Co in the 8th.  I happily went having no idea what to expect and was certainly glad I did.

Like Bellota-Bellota, Byzance offers very high-end products, including, of course, some of the best Spanish ham you can find.  There’s a counter where you can also sit and eat, but on this day they had stands throughout the shop where you could sample just about everything.

This weekend Byzance will open its doors again for their 24th “Rendez-Vous Gourmands” and if it is anything like the event last December, it’s definitely worth attending.

Here’s a list of just some of what they will be serving in their two story shop during the next three days: seared and raw Obsiblue shrimp, a rare, slightly blue shrimp, farmed in a protected lagoon in New Caledonia and served in some of Paris’s best restaurants; Naccarii caviar; Iberian pork loin à la plancha from Pata Negra pigs; fresh “Medjoul “ dates from Israel; all sorts of luxury smoked fish like smoked salmon, herring, anchovies, sardines, tuna belly; foie gras and Spanish cheeses; and incredible aged Bellota-Bellota ham.  At the last event they also had  pastries and chocolates by Sadaharu Aoki and were serving Spanish wine.

It was a very fun event, and amazingly completely free, although after trying such incredible products it’s very hard to resist and not buy, so I ended up spending at least 100 €.

You may need an invitation to attend, so be sure to visit their website to print one out (

Rendez Vous Gourmands

27-30 May, Friday 28 May until 23h00, Saturday 29 May 12h00-22h00, Sunday30 May 11h00-18h00

27 rue Yves Kermen
Boulogne Billancourt (which is a suburb just outside Paris and served by the Paris metro)
Metro: Pont de Sevres

See it on the map


4 Responses to 'Rendez Vous Gourmands, 27-30 May 2010'

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  1. gail negbaur said,

    I am not a fan of bellota-bellota in the 7th it is crazy expensive for just a few slabs of ham. Yes its good but frankly the offer is dull and who wants to pay out 30 euros for ham? better spent at a place like la gazetta (5 courses for 38…). I’ve also found the staff at bellota to be very snooty – bref, hope they are nicer in Boulogne – and offer a more varied menu…

    • Phyllis Flick said,

      Yes, you are absolutely right, Belotta-Belotta in the 7th is very expensive. I walked in during the heat wave a few years ago and it was like an oven, so I didn’t stay. This is why this event is great, it’s FREE and you really get to try almost everything. It is also 5 times as big, so much more room and products.

  2. Phylis, that sounds like so much fun! Wish I could go, but am in Ca – sigh. Will be keeping my eyes open for the December event!

    • Phyllis Flick said,

      I’ll keep an eye out as well and will let you know, it was a really fun event. Although not as good as Ducasse, that was heaven 🙂

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