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Buying Local Vegetables in Paris from Terroirs d’Avenir

Posted in Markets,Products by Phyllis Flick on September 24, 2010
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Alexandre Drouard and Samuel Nahon of Terroirs d’Avenir, are back selling their beautiful local vegetables, this time in front of my favorite neighborhood bakery-Du Pain et Des Ideés, who makes one of the best baguettes in Paris.

Terroirs d’Avenir is a Paris- based company which sources artisan products in France–often local and hard to find.  Normally they sell to Paris’s big-name chefs but from time to time you’ll find them setting up a pop-up market, or marché éphémère as they say in French. Unfortunately it’s difficult to know where and when as they don’t seem to announce anything and have no website. Somehow I have been lucky enough to stumble upon them at the 104, Spring Boutique and now Du Pain et Des Idées.

Last week I bought Jackie Mercier’s incredible tomatoes, gorgeous purple eggplants, green beans, butter beans, peppers, yellow squash, champignon de Paris, wild plums, raspberries and blackberries.  All of them local and many organic.

For now they say they will be at Du Pain et Des Ideés until further notice every Friday from 13H00-18h00 (or I suppose until they run out of produce).  I will try to post back here when the market closes.

Update 27 September: I went to the market again on Friday and bought delicious fresh picked corn on the cob which is a rarity in Paris. It rivaled the corn I used to buy from the Amish farmer’s market back home.  They still had Jacky Mercier’s tomatoes as well.

Terroir d’Avenir at Du Pain et Des Idées
34 rue Yves Toudic
Paris 10th
Metro: Republique or Jacques Bonsergent


3 Responses to 'Buying Local Vegetables in Paris from Terroirs d’Avenir'

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  1. to be able to buy fresh picked corn on the cob in Paris!
    THIS is BIG news..
    In France!! Major
    or am I behind the 8-ball…
    Are you anti-micro?
    So easy to just wrap it in a wet paper napkins and nuke for say 4 minutes per ear depending on the size…
    I had some local NY corn on the cob for breakfast..
    Bought outside the postoffice not les pains et les idees..
    I much prefer yr venue

    • Phyllis Flick said,

      I know, it was REALLY big news for me too! To appreciate the enormity of it, I think you have to have grown up eating freshly picked corn on the East coast and then move to France where there is none to be had except the kind that has been sitting under plastic wrap for 2 weeks and tastes like mush. These were sweet and crunchy and just like I remembered from back home. Paired with my tomato salad, I was in heaven. Many things are better in France, but corn is not one of them! And I agree, microwaving is not bad at all; these were steamed 🙂

  2. Marie said,

    Living here in the UK as a North American ex pat I do miss great corn on the cob. I even tried to grow my own from some seed that a friend sent. I jusst don’t think the climate suits. The cobs were very small, but delicious nonethe less. The corn on the cob they sell over here would be called cow corn back home! Blah!

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