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Le Fooding celebrates its 10th birthday with an all-star lineup of chefs

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Le Fooding celebrates their 10th anniversary this October with an incredible lineup of 18 of Paris’s best chefs who will take turns cooking for 72 hours non-stop in homage to ‘La Marmite Perpetuelle” —the continuously bubbling pot— a reference to Madame De Marme’s 18th century establishment on what is now the rue des Grands Augustins, where she sold capons simmered in a large pot over a fire that never went out.  Legion says that the fire lasted nearly 100 years and more than 300,000 capons were cooked, one after another, in the same stock.

Here is the schedule:

October 1

00h00- 4h00 : Inaki Aizpitarte (Le Chateaubriand) ; 4h – 8h : Yves Camdeborde (Le Comptoir du Relais) ; 8h – 12h : Christian Etchebest (La Cantine du Troquet) ; 12h – 16h : Alberto Herraiz (Fogon) ; 16h – 20h :  Stéphane Jégo (L’Ami Jean) ; 20h – 00h : William Ledeuil (Ze Kitchen Galerie)

October 2

00h – 4h : Christophe Pelé (La Bigarrade) ; 4h – 8h : Waiting to be confirmed ; 8h – 12h:  Rose Carrarrini (Rose Bakery) ; 2h – 16h : Federica & Fabrizio Mancioppi (Caffé dei Cioppi) and Cédric Casanova (La Tête dans les olives) ; 16h – 20h :  Christophe Michalak (Pastry Chef) ; 20h – 00h:  Jean-François Piège (Thoumieux)

October 3

00h – 4h :  Petter Nilsson (La Gazzetta) ; 4h – 8h:  Waiting to be confirmed ; 8h – 12h : Grégory Marchand (Frenchie) ; 12h – 16h :  Christophe Beaufront (L’Avant Goût) ;
16h – 20h : Guillaume Delage (Jadis) ; 20h – 00h : Adeline Grattard (Yam’Tcha)

Les Ebullitions Perpétuelles
Galerie W
44 rue Lepic
75018 Paris
1-3 October, non-stop

To reserve you will need to wait for details on Le Fooding website :